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2015 – present

The design for the ‘Masquerade’ was conceived for Clay Interactive Ltd in collaboration with Slung Low for a permanent exhibit as part of the opening of the 16th – 18th Century Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The work encouraged Community Participation and used some 148 pieces of costume. As well as designing set, props and costume, Marie was commissioned to draw the backgrounds of the scenes.

2007 – 2008

‘Helium’ was developed in collaboration with Slung Low and won the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2008. The piece was presented at the Barbican Pit Theatre as part of the bite:08 season and has a single audience member move through a series of boxes yet again, however, this time being guided by live performers whilst experiencing past, present and future, reality and fantasy.


Commissioned by fuse theatre for the Liverpool City of Culture Festival 2008, ‘Small World’ was developed in collaboration with Slung Low. The piece deals with loss seen through the point of view of an autistic youth, which the audience follows one by one through a series of boxes, listening to audio via wireless headsets and encountering live performers past and present along the way.


A Piece of Monologue by Samuel Beckett, performed by Peter Wyngard, devised and directed by Marie Blunck, UCL, London. In this interactive installation are encouraged by their own curiosity to draw into condensations, which in turn forms drips that complete an electrical circuit to start the narration of an old man with many regrets. What he sees and what the viewers sees has endless possibilities.