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The interactive web-based series sTaTe was commissioned by mac (Midlands Arts Centre), Birmingham and conceived and written by Polarbear. The characters, who met at a futurist, highly technology-reliant school, were designed by Tristan Vanger. Spaces and Cinema 4D model of the school were designed and created by Marie Blunck.

2004 – 2005

In collaboration, Yael Shavit and Marie Blunck developed a conceptual piece called ‘Room with a View’, using live drawing in space as a tool for storytelling. The work had a huge potential and parts were later developed into ‘Trailer’.

2002 – 2007

The ‘Angel’s Monologue’ by Joseph Chaiken is a beautifully poetic work about an angel in limbo looking at life and death. Looking at those that are unseen, the homeless, the concept used wax as a main component of the set. Ever changing and slowly disappearing, no two performances can ever be the same. The wax is melted by a number of heating elements embedded in the floor. These elements are linked to the movement (or lack of) of the audience.

The piece was shortlisted for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Trust Award 2007.


The peas were central to this animated re-amagining of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck. Using illustration, print and simple framing of early cinema, the piece is about Woyzeck’s vision first and foremost, his point of view, which in turn is distorted by the excess of peas.